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Sheltered 2

Sheltered 2 Will Take You Underground This September

Sheltered 2 now has a September release date and..

.. no, you’re thinking of Fallout Shelter. Sheltered was an entirely different kettle of irradiated fish and we were glad for it. We reviewed it back in 2016 and awarded it a well-earned seven out of ten, saying that “It may be simple, a bit repetitive, and your overall goal might be a bit of an anticlimax, but by god it’s addictive.”

And now its sequel, announced earlier this year, is nearly upon us. Like the original, Sheltered 2 will see you managing a fallout shelter; not the expansive, (sometimes) well-equipped facilities featured in Fallout, but a grubby underground refuge. It’s your job to keep the survivors alive, radiation free and sane.

Sheltered 2 builds upon the original’s premise and, amongst its improvements, features a more detailed combat system as well as factions and faction leaders. Each shelter will have a faction leader who, partly through their interactions with other factions, can be instrumental in determining whether your survivors live or die.

Sounds great, right? Well, as great as surviving the horrors of nuclear war can be? Except, while we’re absolutely looking forward to Sheltered 2, we have reservations about the idea of “factions” and needing a faction leader. One thing that made Sheltered appeal to us was that you were a family unit and that, though there wasn’t a lot in the way of storytelling, that resonated more strongly with us than Fallout’s survivor collectives. We’re hoping just grouping people together as a faction doesn’t detract from that.

Sheltered 2 will arrive on PC, via Steam, this September 21st. A console release hasn’t been confirmed but it seems likely. Give the trailer a watch below.

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