Story-Based Fishing Sim Moonglow Bay Casts Off this October

Moonglow Bay

This October, Moonglow Bay invites you to go fishing in a town that, after the sighting of several mystical creatures, has fallen out of favour with tourists.

That sounds like a recipe for a disturbing Lovecraftian adventure but Moonglow Bay is in fact a slice-of-life sim that sees you starting your own fishing business, either solo or assisted by friends who can drop in and drop out at their leisure. In fact, the town’s survival will hinge upon how successful your startup is, no pressure there.

We first learnt of its existence back in March, when it was announced as part of the Xbox Indie Showcase. Aside from the faintly off-putting premise, the chunky Minecraft-style aesthetic also caught our attention, and we’re looking forward to see if it can clock up 60FPS as well.

Now, several months later, Moonglow Bay has finally got a 7th October release date and a new launch trailer. It’s set to arrive on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Steam on that date, hitting the Epic Games Store on November 11th. Or, if you’ve got Xbox Game Pass you can play PC and console version absolutely free on launch day.