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Survival Sim Green Hell is Becoming a Board Game

Green Hell Board Game

Green Hell, a survival sim that sees you fighting to survive in a hostile jungle, is going to become a board game.

Well, that’s the plan at least. Galaktus Games, the company creating Green Hell’s board game incarnation, are running a Kickstarter for it. Their target is just over $90,000 and, given they’re halfway to their target with eighteen days to go, it looks like Green Hell: The Game is going to become a thing.

We reviewed Green Hell when it hit the PC in 2019, though it’s since landed on the Xbox and PlayStation. While it had a few flaws we were impressed enough to give it a 7 out of 10, though it’s not a game for the squeamish since, amongst other things, it sees you picking worms out from under your skin.

It’s not clear whether that particular horror will make it into the board game but the game does feature many of the game’s survival mechanics and supports up to four players. The Kickstarter page details what’s on offer and features footage of the game in action, the company having made a few prototypes to get the game out there.

If the idea of a Green Hell board game appeals to you can back it on Kickstarter right now and, if things go well (there’s always the possibility you could lose your money), it could be in your hands by next August.

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