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SWERY’s Animal-Filled RPG The Good Life Gets a New Trailer

The Good Life

We’ve been curious about The Good Life since it was first revealed a couple of years back.

Developed by SWERY, the creator of Deadly PremonitionThe Good Life is a “life sim RPG-adventure” about repaying debts and life in a small, picturesque town. Its name and inclusion of a lot of dogs and cats give this a cutesy, feel-good vibe. But as this trailer proves, not all is as it seems. Besides, if you’ve ever played anything by SWERY before, you already know to expect the unexpected.

In The Good Life, players take on the roll of Naomi, an investigator who finds herself in the small town of Rainy Woods. It’s boring, at least on first glance it is – but Naomi soon discovers the town is hiding all kinds of bizarre secrets. You see: the townsfolk transform into dogs and cats when the sun goes down. Oh, and it seems a murderer is on the loose. No pressure, then.

By poking around Rainy Woods, talking to townsfolk, exploring (either as a human or a cat or dog!) and using your camera to take photos, you’ll learn more about the town and its secrets. You’ll also spend some time crafting, farming crops and discovering new meal recipes – after all, Neomi still needs to eat.

Needless to say, if you like games that are a little bit… different, The Good Life is certainly one to watch out for. It’s set to release this autumn on PS4, Xbox, Switch and PC. Give the trailer a watch below.

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