Tetris Effect: Connected is Now Available on Steam

Tetris Effect: Connected

If you own Tetris Effect on any platform, it will now update to Tetris Effect: Connected. And, for the first time, the game is now available to purchase on Steam.

If you’re yet to play Tetris Effect, you’re in for a treat. This is the classic game of Tetris you know and love, but with its audio and visuals turned up to eleven. It’s an experience. Let’s put it that way. You can read more about it in our original review for the game by clicking here.

Tetris Effect: Connected, however, is an updated version of the original that adds a new suite of multiplayer options to the mix. You can go head-to-head locally or online in a variety of modes, or you can co-operatively play with others in Connected mode. Better yet, the game supports cross-platform play. Whether you’re on Steam, Epic, Xbox, PlayStation, Oculus or Windows 10, you can play with your friends. Switch cross-play will be coming in October, too.

If you purchase Tetris Effect: Connected on Steam before 1st September, you’ll get 25% off the RRP. That means you’ll pay just £23.24 rather than £30.99. Additionally, you’ll get all Digital Deluxe DLC content for free; that adds in a seven-track sampler from Hydelic, profile avatars and 10 Tetris Effect-themed PC wallpapers.

The Steam version of Tetris Effect: Connected also supports VR play, so if you have a headset you can experience the game in virtual reality, for a truly psychedelic experience.

Pick the game up on Steam by clicking here.

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