3Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator isn’t so much a game as it is a sandbox of mayhem. Sure, it gives you a few objectives to work towards, if you want to, but for the most part, this is a game about running around, doing crazy stuff, and having lots of fun. All while taking control of a goat. Yes, it absolutely is as silly as it sounds – but that’s the joy of Goat Simulator.

Even better, Goat Simulator can be played with up to 4 local players thanks to split screen multiplayer. So you and your friends can all get together, take control of a goat each, and let yourselves loose on the world. Prepare for crazy jumps, glitching through objects, ultimate destruction, and more. If sheer craziness is your thing, then this is one of the best four-player multiplayer games you’ll find on Xbox Game Pass.

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