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The Gunk

The Gunk Gets Its First Proper Gameplay Trailer

The Gunk isn’t a sequel to Larry Cohen’s 1985 creature feature The Stuff, but it should be.

This alien adventure sees you roaming an alien planet, dealing with a substance known as The Gunk. It’s unclear how it tastes but it’s even more pervasive than The Stuff, having oozed its way around the whole world.

It’s also quite valuable, which is why your protagonist Rani is sticking around instead of running the hell away. We wouldn’t be surprised if the game ended with you canning it and sending it to Earth, whereby it annihilates the human race. But the game itself revolves around getting rid of the substance, revealing the world it was smothering. And, thanks to a trailer revealed at GamesCom 2021, you can see it in action.

Thunderful, creators of The Gunk (as well as the Steamworld series), have stated that, in particular, “The contrast of barren gunk zones transforming into flourishing havens were fun and inspiring for the team to work on”. It does sound like it has a Powerwash Simulator vibe going on, which is reason enough for us to want to dive into this sci-fi adventure.

We’ll have to wait a couple of months, however, as The Gunk is arriving till December when it’ll land on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Game Pass and PC. In the mean time, we’re going watch The Stuff one more time. We’ve not got a problem, we swear.

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