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The Latest Saints Row Video Gives Us a Tour of Santo Ileso

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Following on from its announcement earlier in the week, we’ve got a deeper look into the world of Saints Row.

Revealed during Opening Night Live on WednesdaySaints Row is a fresh start for the series, rebooting it with a brand new story and an all-new cast of characters. That’s right; no Johnny Gat in sight. It promises to be the Saints Row we know and love though, with the same crazy, high-octane action – just with a new playground that’s bigger than ever.

That new playground is the city of Santo Ileso, and the latest Saints Row video, released today, gives us a better look at what to expect – along with some words from the team on where their inspiration came from.

Bryce Charles – the actor who lends her voice to the lead character, The Boss – presents the video, which lets us peek at the various regions of Santo Ileso. Along with the bright lights of the big city, there’s plenty of vast, arid desert, smaller, suburban areas and just about everything in between.

We also learn some more about the three factions that The Sains will be facing off against. There’s Los Panteros, The Idols and Marshall, all of them with their own threats and combat styles.

Give the video below a watch to learn more about Saints Row. It’s coming to PC and consoles on 25th February 2022.

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