The Magnificent Trufflepigs is Coming to Nintendo Switch Next Week

The Magnificent Trufflepigs review

The Magnificent Trufflepigs is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch next week.

This narrative-driven adventure, half metal detecting game, half walking simulator, first arrived on the PC in June, via the Steam Store. It casts you as Adam, a metal detecting enthusiast who may or may not have feelings about his friend Beth; in fact, though you never see her, The Magnificent Trufflepigs is more her story than Adam’s.

In our review, we called it “a beautiful escape to the countryside”. So while you don’t to get beat a zombie to death with your treasure-hunting shovel, it’s a relaxing little outing. Now, it’s heading to Nintendo Switch and is also getting released onto the Epic Game Store, so you’ll be able to purchase the PC version from either Steam or Epic’s platform.

There’s no news as to whether there’ll be a physical release; so far it’s just being released digitally. Though even if it doesn’t get a standard boxed release we suspect Limited Run or some other company will step up with a special edition.

The Magnificent Trufflepigs will be available on Nintendo Switch and the Epic Game Store this August 26th.