There’s a Nintendo Indie World Showcase Tomorrow

Nintendo Indie world Showcase

It’s a good week for indie news: today, we have an I[email protected] Showcase. Tomorrow, there’s a Nintendo Indie World.

Announced today on Nintendo’s official Twitter account, an Indie World Showcase is set to be held tomorrow at 5pm BST / 12pm ET.

Exactly what games will be showcased remains to be seen, but we can expect new announcements and a slew of new games to expect on Nintendo Switch.

The tweet says the showcase will last around 20 minutes, and it’ll provide “information on upcoming indie games heading to Nintendo Switch”. They may be brand new games, or existing games getting ported to Nintendo’s handheld.

We won’t have to wait very long to find out what the showcase will hold though, as it’ll air tomorrow. You can watch the Indie World Showcase live on Nintendo’s website, or via YouTube. Be sure to tune in at 5pm BST.

And if you want even more indie game news, don’t forget today’s [email protected] Showcase. That’ll be live on Twitch at 5pm BST.

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