Three New Games are Coming to Stadia Pro This September

Google’s Stadia Pro service is getting a total of three new games this September.

Stadia Pro is a service not unlike Xbox Games Pass, albeit with a smaller number of titles to choose from. You pay a fixed sum per month and you’re then able to play any of the 20+ titles for free. The difference is, since Google Stadia is a streaming device, you don’t have to download anything, you can play the games right away.

The titles coming this month  are:

We’ve not got our hands on the final version of Wave Break, which hit the PC and Switch this June, but Darksiders 2 and Little Big Workshop are both fun. The former is a hack-em-up, while the latter is cutesy factory sim game. Wave Break, on the other hand, is a 80s-themed speedboat game, taking its cues from Miami Vice and the ilk.

All three titles will be available to play from September 1st and you can expect more games to join the service next month. You can find the full list of Stadia Pro titles here.