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Aqua Shift Xbox Controller

Aqua Shift is a New Xbox Controller Colour Arriving This Month

Aqua Shift is one letter away from describing 90s pop abomination Barbie Girl. It’s also a new Xbox Controller coming this August.

The Aqua Shift Special Edition, to give the controller its full title, has two distinctive features. It’s the first Xbox controller to feature rubberized side grips, theoretically making it easier to hold. Secondly, instead of being one solid colour, it has a pearlescent blue shimmer that, according to Microsoft, makes it “Feel like Aqua Shift comes to life in your hands”. So that’s not at all sinister then.

Microsoft are pushing the controller for the Xbox Series S|X though you can also use it on the Xbox One and Xbox One X. It certainly looks pretty, though the video featured on Xbox’s site looks to be a computer render so make of that what you will.

So how do you get your hands on this controller? You can pre-order it from Xbox’s site for the princely sum of $69.99 or £59.99. It’s also available for pre-order at Amazon UK but not Amazon US. Wherever you shop, the Aqua Shift Special Edition controller should be available from August 31st.

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