See The World Through a Rodent’s Perspective in A Rat’s Quest

A Rat's Quest

Currently in development for PC and consoles, A Rat’s Quest from The Dreamerians wants you to see rats in a new light.

They’re not simply vermin that dwell in the dark corners of our cities and villages, oh no. They’re little beings, with personalities of their own, with friends and family they care about. And they’ve got things to do, places to go. A Rat’s Quest wants its players to care about the rats you meet; after all, they’re all simply trying to get by.

A Rat’s Quest tells the tale of Mat – yes, Mat the Rat – a young rodent trying to make his way back home. You see, he’s in love. Nat – a mouse – is a pet in the house whose cellar Mat lives in. After getting lost away from home, he’s desperate to get back to her. And that’s where you come in; in control of Mat, you must help him overcome obstacles out in the dangerous world as he makes his way back to Nat.


Being so tiny, the world around Mat poses extra dangers and additional obstacles that we humans wouldn’t think about. Playing out as a 3D adventure game, you’ll get a unique perspective on the world, climbing your way up objects, scurrying around and sneaking past anything that could be a threat.

Gameplay is a mixture of 3D exploration and 2D platforming; the world is large, but as Mat starts to scurry his way up walls or navigate drainpipes, A Rat’s Quest switches to a 2D perspective. In more open areas, players will have to find their own path, where there may be more than one potential route to take.

Mat’s got some rather nifty tricks up his sleeve for getting around, too. That long tail comes in handy for swinging across gaps, using it as a rope to reach new areas. He’s fast and agile, like all rats, though he’s not so good in combat, so he’ll have to use other skills to keep him safe.

Throughout the game you’ll also encounter special mechanics, such as flying through the air on a kite, and racing with rolling balls. We’ve only seen a slither of what’s on offer, but if you’re a fan of 3D adventure games, then A Rat’s Quest is worth keeping your eye on. There’s no release date yet, but it’s coming to PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC via Steam.

Give the trailer a watch below: