Fallout Worlds Lets Paying Fallout 76 Players Create Custom Worlds

Fallout Worlds

Fallout 76 now lets you create your own custom worlds… at a price.

Fallout Worlds is the latest update for Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG which, unlike previous titles, is entirely online. Fallout 76 was a bit rubbish when it first came out, lacking NPCs and looking for all the world like an early alpha. Things have improved since then and while we’d still sooner have a single-player offline Fallout, it’s definitely worth dipping into, especially if you’ve got Xbox Game Pass.

Now, with Fallout Worlds, you can create your own private custom worlds with low gravity, spawning monsters and so forth; the kind of shenanigans you can pull off with Grand Theft Auto’s 5‘s cheat codes. But this time, you get to inflict these world-warping events on other people.

So what’s the catch? The catch is you have to have Fallout 1st, which is the game’s subscription service. If you don’t, you can still experience public custom worlds which may be be similarly strange but the difference is that Bethesda chooses the modifiers, not you. If you’re a hardcore Fallout 76 player, the kind of person who’s turned their humble C.A.M.P. into a skyscraper, this might be up your street.

Give it a look in the trailer below. If you want to jump into Fallout Worlds, Fallout 1st costs £11.99 a month. We’re not sure we’re ready for such a commitment just yet, no matter how cool this sounds.