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2Tekken 7

Tekken 7 1

Tekken 7 has its downsides – namely that it’s not the best looking fighting game on PS4 and its loading times are woefully long – but that doesn’t stop it from being wonderfully rewarding to play. This is perhaps the best fighting game on PS4.

What we said: “In all honesty, Tekken 7 feels so good to play that you don’t really mind that it’s not the most fully-featured title out there. The combat is Tekken through and through, but it feels faster, smoother and more refined. Hits are weighty and feel like they have impact, even moreso when emphasised by a beautiful combination of zoom-in and slo-mo during the most dramatic moments. Battles are always tense too, the Rage system meaning you can never count someone out, especially with the introduction of supercombo-style Rage Arts.”

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