1Get Lost in a New World

If you like JRPGs, there’s no shortage of them on the Nintendo Switch.

Thanks to Nintendo’s Japanese roots, its consoles have been home to some of the best JRPGs over the years. Nothing’s changed with the Switch, only now you can play releases on the big screen or out and about. In fact, that makes it the best format for JRPGs in our opinion. On lazy days you can get cosy on the couch and really get stuck in. Then when you’re busy, you can sneak in ten minutes or so in handheld mode absolutely anywhere. It’s perfect.

With so many JRPGs available on Switch, however, you might be wondering which ones are truly worth your time. Hopefully we can help. We’ve assembled a list of the best JRPGs on Switch for your perusal. If you’re stuck for something to play, give one of these a try.

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