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Online co-op shooters don’t come much better than Outriders. Released in April 2021, Outriders might not be the most adventurous, or unique game out there. But by god is it good fun. Taking on the role of an Outrider, you’ve journeyed to another planet in search of a replacement Earth. Though it turns out the planet you’ve landed on is… rather hostile. There’s a whole lot of stuff trying to kill you, basically. It’s a good job you’ve come prepared.

You can play Outriders by yourself, but this is a game that truly benefits from having someone play with you in online co-op. You can group up in up to teams of three, battling through missions together, taking on big bosses and gathering up loot. (Yes, that’s right – loot! And lots of it!) The huge range of weapons, fun enemy types and varied landscapes make Outriders stand out, and if you enjoy co-op shooting, you’ll find a lot to love here. If you’re after the best online co-op games on PS4, it definitely deserves your consideration.

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