2Nier: Automata

Nier Automata 1

The Nier series has gained itself quite a following over the years, and deservedly so; few games are as thought-provoking. If you’re PS Plus subscriber, you can play the excellent Nier: Automata to see what the fuss is about at no additional cost. And you should, too. Just be quick, as you’ve only got until 1st November. This truly is one of the best games on the service.

Richard said: NieR: Automata is undoubtedly a better game than its predecessor then, but still somewhat of a rough diamond; it doesn’t shine to its full potential, but it’s precious nonetheless. An overflow of quirkiness and an air of mystery empower it with a great deal of charm. It’s just so unusual and varied that it’s easy to overlook the occasional frustrations that it puts in your path. Ultimately, it’s a game that will stay with you long after you’ve seen the credits roll for the second, third or even fourth time; the memories of its characters and music lingering in your head, reminding you of what games can be like if they dare to be different.”

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