Ever wish you were a cyborg ninja? Um, so just us, then? In any case, that’s what you are in Ghostrunner, a challenging game that mixes parkour with brutal combat. Since our glowing review it’s been made even better, too, thanks to new modes and features being added for free. If you’re a PlayStation Now subscriber, don’t sleep on this.

Richard said: “What really makes Ghostrunner such a compelling experience is the variety of gameplay that’s on offer. Combat encounters are split up by bouts of traversal, both challenging and less so. And the game’s story unfolds via unintrusive conversations within these quieter moments. There are puzzles to overcome, too, the most troublesome of which you’re required to solve to unlock your additional skills. Ghostrunner‘s pacing is perfect, managing to make what is a highly-intense experience never feel repetitive or overly exhausting.”

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