Get This PS5 Compatible 1TB SSD For Less Than £150 on Amazon

PS5 SSD (1)

From 15th September, all PS5 owners will be able to expand their internal storage if they don’t mind forking out some money for a compatible SSD.

It’s been a long time coming. Never before have we had to delete games so often to make room for new ones. But with the PS5 having less than 1TB as standard, it’s hardly surprising. Buying and installing an SSD to expand the amount of internal storage is something a lot of PS5 owners will be keen to do, then. But working out which SSD are compatible can be a bit of pain.

As stated by the PlayStation website, only certain M.2 SSDs can be used with a PS5 console. The gist of it is, though, that only Gen4 M.2 NVME SSDs are supported that have a sequential read speed of 5500 MB/s or higher. It’s also recommended that you get an SSD that is equipped with a heatsink to keep it a bit cooler, though aftermarket heatsinks can be bought and applied to those what don’t already have them.

There are a handful of SSDs available that meet Sony’s requirements right now, and they include:

  • Western Digital WD_Black SN850 (available with and without a heatsink) – View on Amazon
  • Gigabyte Aorus Gen4 7000s (heatsink included) – View on Amazon
  • Seagate FireCuda 530 (available with and without heatsink) – View on Amazon
  • Samsung 980 Pro (requires a third-party heatsink) – View on Amazon
  • Crucial P5 Plus (requires a third-party heatsink) – View on Amazon

In our opinion though, there’s only one choice right now, thanks to a hefty 18% discount. The 1TB ADATA XGP S70 Blade comes equipped with a heatsink and is currently on sale for £176.28 on Amazon. That’s already a decent price, but there’s also a voucher available that takes 18% off. So, for just £144.55 you can have a PS5 compatible Gen4 M.2 NVME SSD that’s ready to be put in your PS5.

Click the link below to secure yours – but be quick as they’re sure to sell out fast.

Buy the 1TB ADATA XGP S70 Blade