Can You Increase Stamina in Sable?


Your stamina meter in Sable isn’t very big, so you might be wondering if you can increase it. Well, we’ve got good news for you.

While Sable never makes it clear to you, you can increase your stamina meter. Your stamina is the meter that decreases as you sprint or climb, and to begin with it’s rather limited. You’ll never get very far before becoming tired, and that can mean falling off a cliff you were almost at the top of. Here’s how to increase your stamina in Sable.

Remember those Chum eggs you’ve been finding around the game’s world? They have a very important purpose: they can be traded in exchange for a stamina upgrade. You’ll need to head a specific location, though.

You’ll need to find a place called the Chum Lair, where the mother of all those Chum eggs resides. Head southwest from Burnt Oak, somewhere around the centre of the map, and you’ll eventually stumble upon it. Once you’ve got five Chum eggs, you can hand them over in the Chum Lair and be rewarded with an upgrade to your stamina. More eggs means more stamina, so it’s worth hunting and making multiple trips.

We’d recommend prioritising finding even just five eggs, because the stamina upgrade really does help make traversal in Sable that much more enjoyable. As for where you’ll find Chum eggs? They’re just about everywhere, but it’s worth checking out abandoned ship ruins – practically every one we’ve been in has had an egg for us to collect.

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