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Injustice animated movie

The Injustice Animated Movie Has a New Bloody Red Band Trailer

There’s no news on a third Injustice game, but Netherrealm’s superhero fighting series is becoming an animated movie and we’re rather looking forward to it.

Injustice: Gods Among Us and its sequel, simply titled Injustice 2, take place in the DC Comics multiverse, in a realm where Superman has gone rogue. But what’s so fascinating about this world is that Superman isn’t evil, nor has he had his mind co-opted by some evil genius. It’s loss that drives him to conquer the world, to, in his eyes, make it a better place.

We first got wind of Injustice back in May, when it was revealed Batman: The Long Halloween – Part 2 would feature a teaser for it. The latest trailer is a “Red Band” trailer which, in short, means things are going to get bloody. It features a scene, echoing the first game’s opening cutscene, where Superman punches his fist through the Joker’s torso but, unlike the game, it doesn’t cut away, giving you a claret-splattered view of the Clown Prince of Crime’s demise.

Injustice doesn’t, it seem, take place in the game’s universe, which was also expanded upon by a series of comics. Instead, it draws upon both the game and comics, depicting Superman’s conquest and the conflict between the superheroes who decide to either support him or put and end to his regime.

While it lost its way a little after its first volume, we loved how the Injustice comic posed some thought-provoking questions; for example, when you have as much power as Superman, should you be doing more than punching supervillains in the face? The movie looks set to address some of these quandries.

You can get your hands on the Injustice movie when it soars onto Blu-Ray and DVD this October 19th and check out the non work-safe trailer here.

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