Deathloop: How to Get into Frank’s Club on Fristad Rock Without a Class Pass

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You’ll need to venture into Frank’s Rock and Roll club on Fristad Rock for several missions in Deathloop. There’s just one problem: he requires everyone who enters to have a Class Pass, which disables all of your abilities.

The Class Pass means that Colt’s ability to rewind time if he dies doesn’t work inside Frank’s Club. So how can you enter the club without a Class Pass in Deathloop?

Thankfully, there is a way. It requires sneaking in through a vent, right round the back of the building. It’s a little hard to find, but once you’ve found it, it makes storming Frank’s Club much easier. You see, without a Class Pass, you can still move around freely inside the building – you’ll simply need to hack the doors open. And it also means that Colt has all of his abilities – including his two extra lives – in tact.


So, to get into Frank’s Club without a Class Pass, first head to the roof of the club. If you follow the building around on the ground level, past the main entrance, you’ll find some signage that you can easily climb up.

Once on the roof, head to the back, and you’ll see a gap in the wall overlooking the cliffs. Drop down here, and follow a path around to sea level. There, you’ll find a locked door – but above it is an ever-so-slight gap in the rocks. Head through there, and you’ll find a vent to kick down (R3). Kick it, and voila – you’re now inside Frank’s Club, no Class Pass needed.

You can watch us get there in the video below.

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