Does Deathloop Have a Photo Mode?

Deathloop review

Deathloop is beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, you may want to take some photos of its world. So, does Deathloop have a photo mode?

The world of Blackreef, where Deathloop takes place, is beautiful and varied. From rugged cliffs overlooking the ocean, to retro-modern buildings and interiors of clubs, there’s a lot here that makes you want to stop and stare. We can’t get enough of the environments; for us, particularly the coastlines and natural landmarks of Blackreef are stunning. But can you take a photo of them with a built-in photo mode?

The answer is, unfortunately, no; Deathloop doesn’t have a photo mode. It’s a shame, but there’s a very simple explanation as to why. By standard, Deathloop is online. Thanks to the multiplayer aspect, which allows Julianna to enter a game to try and thwart your plans, your game requires an online connection. And that live connection means players stopping their game to take a photo would mess up the flow of the game.


It doesn’t mean you can’t admire how wonderful Blackreef looks, however. You’ll simply have to rely on your PC or PS5’s built-in screenshot functions. On PS5, you can hit the ‘share’ button on your controller to take a screenshot. Unfortunately you won’t have full control of your image as you would with a photo mode, but it’s good enough to capture Deathloop‘s beauty.

Who knows; perhaps it’s something that will get patched into the game at a later date if enough players show interest.

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