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eFootball Has a $40 DLC Pack You Can’t Use Until November

Pre-ordering games is nothing new, but eFootball will let you pay $40 for a DLC pack you can’t use until November.

eFootball, Konami’s “free” Pro Evolution Soccer replacement is “launching” this September 30th. Yes, that’s an awful lot of quotation marks for one sentence, but the version of eFootball that’s arriving in September is essentially Early Access. And even when it does get updated, several key features will require additional payments.

However, as reported by VGC, Konami want your money right now, which is why you can currently pre-order, in full, a $40 content pack which contains:

eFootball 2022 core game
・2,800 eFootball Coins (premium in-game currency)
・Chance Deals x6
・Preorder Bonus: Chance Deals x2

However, while these items will be added to your in-game account this September 30th, when eFootball launches, you won’t be able to redeem them until the game’s main mid-November update. Assuming, that is, the November update arrives on schedule – if it doesn’t, you’ll have even longer to wait before you can spend that $40.

However, that’s not all. We originally hoped that you’d be able pay to unlock specific eFootball modes, essentially purchasing additional game modules. That’s now not the case – the $40 in question doesn’t expand the game as such; you’re buying credits and chances to build your own squad in the upcoming creative mode. It’s not unlike FIFA Ultimate Teams and, while it may not legally be gambling, the thought of it certainly makes us uncomfortable.

eFootball arrives September 30th on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Window 10 and PC via Steam. It’ll also be released for Android and iOS devices some time next year. But, right now, there’s no reason to pay $40 for a digital consumable you can’t even use.

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