Football Manager 2022 Now Has a November Release Date

Football Manager 2022

Football Manager 2022, the newest version of Sega’s sports management sim series, is arriving this November 8th.

Granted, we’re still waiting for the Bitmap Brothers to give us Speedball Manager but we got a big kick out of Football Manager 2021 when we got our hands on it last year. We remarked that “It still feels truly familiar as a Football Manager game, but the overhaul to expectations and communication makes for a more coherent and impactful experience.”

Will Football Manager 2022 bring a truly colossal raft of changes? Not from what we know so far, but if it keeps refining the series, as 2021 did, we’ll be happy. Published by Sega and developed by Sports Interactive, it’s set to land on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC (via the Steam, Epic Games and Microsoft stores). Football Manager 2022 Mobile will also be dropping November 9th on iOS and Android devices.


Except, if you’re prepared to digitally pre-purchase Football Manager 2022 from a “SEGA-approved digital retailer,” you can get “Early Access” to the game, via the Steam, Epic or Microsoft stores, alongside a 10% discount. Given that they’re offering a similar deal with Lost Judgement, we suspect this’ll be the final product; Sega have confirmed single player careers will carry over.

Football Manager 2022 kicks off on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC this November 8th.