Ghostrunner Now Has Two New Game Modes and New Cosmetic DLC

Ghostrunner (1)

Fancy getting horribly murdered while looking like you’ve escaped from Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon? Ghostrunner has you covered.

Today sees the release of Ghostrunner’s free Wave Mode, which pitches you against procedurally generated foes who can dispatch you with a single hit. You know, just in case the game wasn’t kicking your bottom nearly enough. And, if you’ve got £4.69 to spare, you can purchase the Neon pack which will make you look suitably flashy while you’re doing it.

At the other end of the spectrum, Assist Mode has also been added to the game which has three customisable options which can make the game easier and also marginally more accessible to anyone who would benefit from these tweaks. You can reduce ability cooldowns, add an extra life or slow down gameplay.


If you’ve never played Ghostrunner at all, well worth diving into, whether you’re on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox or even Amazon Luna. It casts you as a sword wielding cyberpunk ninja, slashing up enemies in first person, wall running and grappling your way around the world. While we died over 200 times, we still got a major kick out of it, saying “As you know what you’re getting yourself into with Ghostrunner, it might just prove to be your favourite game of the year.”

The new modes should be available right now, automatically added to the game the next time you update, while the Neon pack will be available for purchase from your platform’s storefront.