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How Long Does It Take to Beat Encased?

Encased 2

Are you thinking of buying Encased and want to know how long it takes to finish? Read on.

The truth is that it’ll take an absolute age to “finish” Encased because there are 10+ endings you can get. On top of that, there are multiple classes and so many different ways to play this sci-fi RPG.

But if you’re wondering how long it’ll take you to complete a single run, from choosing your character to the ending, you’re looking at between 18 and 40 hours. If you choose the easiest difficulty level you’ll get it finished faster, but at normal difficulty level enemies will give you a run for your money, plus you’ll have to worry about keeping your character fed and watered.

Once you’re done, it’s well worth replaying in Encased; should you be so inclined you can even do a pacifist run. We probably won’t plough as much time into it as we did Skyrim, but playing Encased once just isn’t enough.

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