How Many Chapters Are There in Lost Judgment?

Lost Judgment 5 (1)

Like its predecessor and the Yakuza games that they’re spun off from, Lost Judgment has a story that is split into multiple chapters.

Once again putting you in control of private detective Takayuki Yagami, the story of Lost Judgment finds him taking on a case that involves bullying, suicide and revenge-driven murder. Needless to say, it covers some pretty serious topics, and has plenty of twists of turns. It’s also quite lengthy, with a chapter count in the double digits.

There are 13 chapters in Lost Judgment, each lasting somewhere between one and three hours if you head straight through them. Though while you can do that if you want, it’s better to take in the sights and sounds of Kamurocho and Yokohama as you go, completing side cases and engaging in activities. If you’re playing on harder difficulties, you also might have to in order to power Yagami up enough to make it through the tough fights.


Upon completing the story of Lost Judgment, you can continue your save file and clear up any side content you have missed, however. You also unlock additional content such as Premium Mode, that allows you to explore the world without the story getting in the way, and Legend difficulty, that ups the ante for those wanting to play through the game again.

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