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How to Change Your Stance in Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment 3 (1)

As you make your way through Lost Judgment, you’ll find yourself getting into a lot of fights. To survive them, you’ll want to use the three stances available to you correctly.

The Crane stance, for example, is great for when you’re up against multiple enemies, as its moves are flamboyant and have a wide area of effect. Using Crane stance, you can hit many enemies at the same time, allowing you to manage a crowd effectively. On the flip side, Tiger stance is best when you’re facing off against an enemy one-on-one, with its focused strikes doing a lot of damage. And new to Lost Judgment is Snake stance, which is more merciful and focused on defence. It allows you to disarm opponents, for example, and also parry incoming attacks. But how do you change your stance during combat?

To change your stance during combat in Lost Judgment, you simply need to tap down on the d-pad. Though be aware that it won’t work if you’re currently attacking. Unfortunately you can’t change right into a specific stance, either; pressing the change stance button instead cycles through the three stances available. The order is Crane, Tiger, and then Snake.

Remember to unlock additional moves and abilities for each stance in the skills menu, as it undoubtedly makes them more useful. There are also skills available that let you switch into other stances under certain conditions, so be sure to take a look and spend the SP needed to unlock them if you think they’ll be useful to you.

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