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How to Fast Travel in Kitaria Fables

Kitaria Fables review

Wondering how to quickly travel from one area to another in Kitaria Fables? Here’s everything you need to know about fast travel.

Kitaria Fables‘ world isn’t the biggest, but it can still take some time to get from one area to another on foot. And your protagonist doesn’t have any kind of steed to ride around on, so walking is practically your only option. There is one other, though; fast travel. While you can’t freely fast travel in Kitaria Fables to anywhere you want, you can travel to and from certain locations, which can make it quite a bit easier to get around.

Certain towns and areas in Kitaria Fables have warp points, and interacting with these will let you travel to another warp point. You can, of course, only fast travel to areas you’ve already been to.

The first fast travel point you’ll find is in your home village, right by the entrance. Interacting with this will let you see a list of other fast travel points you’ve unlocked. Select one, and a short loading screen will occur, quickly taking you to your chosen location.

It’s worth noting that some warp points in Kitaria Fables are one way. So, you can fast travel to the entrance of a cave from your village, but you can’t use that same warp point to travel back. Still, it’s much easier than having to walk everywhere, even if you do have to find your own way back.

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