How to Fast Travel in Sable


Did you know you can fast travel in Sable, helping you get around the world in no time at all? Here’s how to do it.

Travelling around in Sable can be rather time-consuming. Its world is vast but rather empty, so expect to spend long minutes on the back of your hoverbike as you travel from one town to the next. Thankfully, you can skip the long journeys if you want, thanks to the game’s built-in fast travel system.

To fast travel in Sable, head into your main menu. From there, tab over to your map. You’ll see that there’s a marker for every town or notable location you’ve already visited. Hover over one of those icons, and you’ll have the option to choose ‘fast travel’. Press the relevant button, and away you go.

As always, you can only fast travel to somewhere you’ve already been, so you’ll always have to make a journey by foot or bike at least once. But when it comes to returning to somewhere you’ve already been? Simply select the marker on your map, and you’ll save yourself some valuable time.

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