How to Fish in Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise

Like most JRPGs, Tales of Arise has many side activities for you to undertake. And indeed, one of them is fishing.

As you make your way through Tales of Arise, you might come across numerous locations that seem perfect for a spot of fishing. But for quite a chunk of the game, you won’t be able to fish at them.

To unlock fishing in Tales of Arise, you first need to play through the game’s story until Kisara joins your party. Shortly after that point, you’ll come across a perfect fishing spot, and then Kisara will teach you how to fish. After that, you can revisit any fishing spot you’ve previously found or find new ones to do a spot of fishing.


To fish in Tales of Arise, simply approach a fishing spot and press the required button when prompted – you’ll then enter the fishing minigame. After choosing your rod and lure, you can then cast, before attracting fish by moving the lure. Check the instruction for help, but basically, each type of fish requires you to perform certain movements to attract them.

Once a fish has bit, you need to reel it in while moving the rod appropriately to prevent the line from getting too stressed. New rods and lures can be found as you play through the game, which may make fishing easier. And remember, some fish can only be found at certain fishing spots, so try to find them all.

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