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Encased 3

How To Get Through the Nashville Cave and Reach the Relic in Encased

Wondering how to reach the relic in Encased’s Nashville mission without dying? Here’s what to do.

Encased’s Nashville mission charges you with reaching a relic in the middle of a dark cave. The catch is that the darkness will kill you, so what do you do? What you don’t do is just try and run out into the cave. No matter how fast you are you’re going to be dead before you get there.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Stay inside the main bunker area with all the platforms, computers and so forth.
  • Go to the Excavation Zone Ligithing Control Panel, which looks like a large computer and activate it.
  • Once you’re finished there (the cave lights won’t come on), you’ll need to find three Excavation Zone Power Circuit Terminals. They’re not far, two are downstairs, one next to the Control Panel, and one is upstairs; they’re tall units with green lights on.
  • Now you have to get to the generator which is down and to the right of the entrance to the cave. It’s a short path and the lights along the way go on and off so watch the lights and stepping into each lit zone, make your way to the generator. Activate it and the whole cave is lit.
  • You’re now able to reach the relic in your own time.

And there you have it. That wasn’t too hard, was it? But be warned, there are other trials to come.

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