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How To Heal Yourself and Other Characters in Encased

Are your Encased characters dying because you don’t know to heal them, either in or out of battle? Here’s what to do.

The first thing to know about this Roadside Picnic style sci-fi RPG is that a lot of things can hurt you. Even if you’re not actively fighting, you can can walk through an anomaly, forgetting to disable it with a bolt, and take some serious damage. Always keep an eye on your characters’ portraits, which fill up with red the more damage they’ve taken.

So how do you heal injured characters in Encased? There are quite a few different methods you can do but here are three of the most common solutions.

Use first aid injectors

You’ll find these in first aid kits and they can purchased from some vendors. If you’re outside combat, go to the inventory screen, select your character or the character you want to heal, select the injector from the shared inventory and “consume” it. If you’re in battle, you’ll have to drag the item to your quick slots on the lower right hand side of the screen, select them when it’s your turn and use them on yourself or another character.

Careful you don’t miss these; they don’t look like your usual box-shaped first aid icons, they’re longer and thinner so you might scroll past them in your inventory.

Use items with healing properties

Some items aren’t specifically injectors but some, such as certain foods, can heal you. Mouse over them and if you see the word “Healing” you’re good to consume them. Some foods, such as cockroach body parts (yes, really) may also have the “nasty food” and “nauseous” status effects but if you don’t have anything else on you you’re going to have to chow down. Unless, that is, you can..


Resting will heal your characters, but it’s not as effective as you might think, compared to games like Skyrim where you can heal virtually overnight. To rest you need to find a sleeping bag or bed somewhere or use the camp option from the main map and click on your sleeping bags in camp.

It can take several days to fully heal, though the higher your regeneration stat is the more you’ll heal per day, and you’ll also get hungrier as you go. You should eat some food to clear your main character’s hungry status effects, otherwise they can end up dying from hunger instead of healing.

You can also find med booths which can not only heal your character (and other characters if you assume direct control of them) but purge them of radiation as well. However, you’re not going to find these out in the wilderness. Also, watch out for status effects such as bleeding, which is best treated with bandages.

If you keep your characters in rude health you’ll have a better chance of surviving Encased but it’s still not going to be a cakewalk.

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