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How to Increase Your Inventory Space in Kitaria Fables

Fed up of running out of space for all the materials you collect in Kitaria Fables? Here’s how to increase your inventory storage space.

With a limited amount of space in your storage bag in Kitaria Fables, it’s very easy to run out of space. There’s nothing worse than having to leave an item behind just because you can’t carry it. What if it turns out to be useful? Thankfully, you can increase the size of your inventory – as long as you have the money for it.

To increase your inventory in Kitaria Fables, you’ll need to speak with Pumpkin the Travelling Merchant. This shopkeeper appears in your village at night time – but only on certain nights. After 7pm, once the sun goes down, you’ll find their stall set up at the north of town, just east from the entrance. Speak to them or interact with their shop to see their goods. You’ll need to tab across with the shoulder buttons to see more stock – do so and you’ll the inventory upgrade.

There are two levels, and you’ll need to buy the first one first. The second is much more expensive, so it’s likely you won’t be able to afford it until much later on in the game.

Remember you can also unload items into the chest at your house, and the chests available in towns next to shops. These are all independent chests, though, so you can’t see what’s in each one without travelling to it.

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