How to Infuse Items in Deathloop

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In order to keep your weapons and equipment between loops in Deathloop, you’ll need to infuse them with Residuum. Here’s how to do it.

Before you can infuse items in Deathloop, you first need to unlock the ability to do so. One of the first missions you’re able to complete is called ‘Ubiquity’. Doing this – which sees you kill 10 versions of Wenjie, one of Blackreef’s ‘Visionaries’ who protects the island’s time loop – will grant you the ability to collect Residuum, and in turn, infuse your gear.

Residuum is essentially a form of currency in Deathloop. Finding an item when out in Deathloop‘s world isn’t enough to keep it forever; as standard, any items you find will disappear when you start the next loop at the end of the day. But by spending Residuum to Infuse your items, you get to keep them permanently.

You can only Infuse items between time periods, in the game’s hub screen. You’ll come here at the start of every day, and between each new time period. From the main screen, click ‘triangle’, or move to the ‘Loadout’ image on the bottom-left of your screen. From there, click the ‘Infuse Gear’ button on the left.

Here, you’ll see all your equipment, broken down into items. You can sort it in various ways, showing only items that aren’t infused if you’d rather. You can navigate through each category of item, and hovering over an item will show you its Residuum cost.

Find the item you want to infuse, and hold down ‘X’. That’s it – that item is now yours forever.

If you need more Residuum, you can also choose to discard items. Select an item in the Infuse Gear menu, and this time, hold down ‘square’ to sacrifice it. You can select multiple items at once. When you’re done, move your cursor to the ‘Sacrifce X Items’ button in the bottom-right corner.

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