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How to Move Your Characters Separately in Encased

Want to know how to unlink your NPCs in Encased, so you can move them around each area individually? Here’s what to do.

Encased is a lot of fun to play but, for quite a while, we were annoyed that we couldn’t set up an ambush. Even if we clicked on each of our characters, they’d always follow us about. We knew where our enemies were and we wanted to lead them into sniping range but our second character kept just tagging along.

Luckily, there’s a solution and once you know about this little trick you can arrange your characters as you want. Firstly, look at the top left hand side of the screen and look between your character portraits. You’ll see a tiny little chain. Click on the chain and it should disconnect. That now means that if you click on one of those NPCs and move them about they won’t have the others following them.

If you want to re-link your NPCs, just click on that gap and the chain should reconnect, relinking them. Once you enter turn-based combat you move all your characters individually, but this is great for positioning your characters before combat takes place.

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