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How To Open Locked Doors in Encased

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Playing Encased you’ll often run across locked doors, barring your way. Here’s what you should do.

The first thing you should do is think.. “Am I meant to be in here?” Despite the damage done by the Maelstrom there are plenty of functioning facilities and settlements. If they’ve locked a door there’s every chance there’s a good reason and breaking in could get you some unwanted attention.

You have your own personal digital keyring, tied to your division, eg Black Wing, Silver Wing. It can be updated so, if you’re struggling to get out of the training area, chances are the doors are locked because you’ve not finished your training. If you really want to get into a locked room, these are three ways to tackle locked doors in Encased.

  • Find a key or key card. Simple as that; remembering to search dead bodies is important as some carry the keys on them. Also, check out any terminals you come across; you can use some terminals to unlock safe doors, for example.
  • Use a lock pick. If you have the lock picking skill on the criminal skill tree, and a physical lock pick, you can pick a lock without needing to participate in some minigame. However, it’ll use up the lock pick so you’ll need to get more.
  • Force the door. If you’re strong enough you can force a door by right-clicking on it and choosing the force option.

Being able to force doors is very cool – though, as with lockpicking, if your stats aren’t high enough you’ll not be able to open it. You can also just plain bash in a door, smashing it in with a hammer or similar, attacking it as you’d attack an enemy. But you’ll damage it at such a slow rate that it’ll take ages to break.

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