How to Romance Steph in Life is Strange: True Colors

Life is Strange True Colors Alex Steph

Wondering how to romance Steph in Life is Strange: True Colors? The good news is you can – and here’s how to do it.

There are three main pathways in Life is Strange: True Colors. You can romance Steph, the cool record store DJ that you may recognise from Life is Strange: Before the Storm; you can romance Ryan, the town’s park ranger; or, you can decide that this isn’t the time for romance and keep both of them as friends. But if you want to romance Steph, here’s what you need to do.

There are a few key moments where you can show Steph you’re interested in her. Doing all of these will absolutely seal the deal of pursuing your romantic interest. But even if you miss one or two, not all is lost. One is more important than the others.

  • In chapter two, when playing table football with Steph, she’ll ask you if you’re interested in girls. Say yes.
  • Later on, Alex, Steph and Ryan are plotting how to get something from Diane, an employee of Typhon Mining. The plan essentially comes down to Steph or Ryan flirting with her. Choose Steph as the better candidate to flirt with her – she’ll take it as as positive sign.
  • The most important choice to make comes during the town’s Spring Festival. You see, it’s tradition that townspeople take a flower and gift it to the person they have feelings for. Take a rose and give it to Steph. She’ll then ask you to meet her on the rooftop later.
  • When you’re on the rooftop, you can choose to hug or kiss Steph. Seal the deal with a kiss!

Other than those important parts, simply make sure to chat with Steph whenever you can, and take any opportunity in conversation to pay her compliments.

The flower and the kiss are the most important elements by far; nail those two decisions, and Alex and Steph will officially be an item from that point forward. You can miss one or two earlier points and the pair will still get together as long as you give her the flower.

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