How to Switch Characters in Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise 3 (1)

With each playable character having their own unique look, personality and skills in Tales of Arise, chances are you might want to switch between them from time to time.

The good news is, whether you’re exploring a field or engaged in battle in Tales of Arise, it’s easy to switch characters.

Outside of battle, all you need to do to switch characters is open up the game’s menu, then press the Change Party Leader button until the flag is at the side of the character you want to take control of. On PlayStation, the Change Party leader button is Square, and on Xbox it’s X. When you then return to gameplay, you’ll find yourself in control of the character selected.


To switch characters during combat in Tales of Arise, you need to press and hold the left shoulder button, then press the d-pad in the direction of the character you wish to switch to. Just be aware that you can only switch between the four characters designated as active battle members – you can’t switch to support characters.

You can just take control of just one character in battle if you wish, but switching between them allows you to make more effective use of their unique skills, and capitalise on enemy weaknesses.

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