How to Unlock Rivals Rush in Sonic Colors: Ultimate

Sonic Colors Ultimate 2 (1)

If you are playing through Sonic Colors: Ultimate, you might begin to wonder how you access Rivals Rush, one of its new features.

In perhaps what is a throwback to the Sonic Rivals games, released exclusively on the PlayStation Portable, Rivals Rush allows you to race against Metal Sonic through a selection of the stages found in Sonic Colors: Ultimate. It’s not something that’s unlocked from the outset, however; you need to earn the right to race against Metal Sonic.

To unlock Rivals Rush in Sonic Colors: Ultimate, you need to collect 15 of the 30 Red Rings found within each world. Once you’ve found 15 Red Rings in a world, a notification will pop up telling you that Rivals Rush is now available. Look on the stage map, and you should now see Metal Sonic’s head marking the stage that can be played in Rivals Rush mode.

Each Rivals Rush stage needs to be unlocked individually. So, you’ll need to find 15 Red Rings within each world to unlock all of the available Rivals Rush stages. You might not be able to do that on your first playthrough of the game, though. It will be much easier to get Red Rings once you’ve completed the game, as all of the Wisps will be available.

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