How to Use Your Skateboard in Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment 4 (1)

With two area to explore in Lost Judgment – Kamurocho and Yokohama – you’ll be glad that Yagami can now use a skateboard to get from A to B quicker.

You acquire a skateboard fairly early on into Lost Judgment – just play through the story and you can’t miss it. There are also other skateboards to acquire, each with their own look and stats, so be sure to check shops like Ebisu Pawn if you’re passing and want an upgrade. Once you have more than one skateboard, you can change which one you have equipped in the items menu. But how exactly do you use your skateboard?

To use your skateboard in Lost Judgment, simply keep the run button held when you’re on the road – Yagami can’t skate on public walkways. After holding the run button down for a couple of seconds or so, Yagami will pull out his skateboard and start riding it. At that point you can then let go of the run button, before pressing it again whenever you want to perform a push off for a burst of speed. The run button is A when using an Xbox controller, and X when using a PlayStation controller.


When riding the skateboard, keep an eye out for coins in the world – collecting them will add to your points counter, and eventually something good might happen. Also be aware that you can perform an Ollie by pressing the B button on an Xbox controller, and Circle on a PlayStation controller. Ollie onto a rail and you’ll even find that you can grind. Is there any end to Yagami’s skills?

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