Industria is a Surreal FPS Set in a Brutalist City, and It’s Out This Month


Industria‘s trailer may be less than a minute long, but that’s all we needed to have our attention piqued.

A first-person shooter set in the fictional city of Hakavik, Industria takes place the day before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Hakavik mirrors East Berlin’s brualist architecture – but it’s fused with futuristic technology, including strange apparatus and robots.

This is a FPS, so of course you’re equipped with a gun, but there’s more to Industria than simply running and shooting. There’s a story to follow; a twisting narrative that will uncover more about the strange world you find yourself in. A mystery sits at the heart of Industria‘s story, which will unravel as you explore the world and gather intel.


Industria is coming from developer Bleakmill, a small team that has been working on the game for six years. It started out as a two-man team, but has expanded to six over the years. What is impressive, though, is each member of Bleakmill has only worked on Industria in their spare time. That’s exciting – we love to see people’s passion projects come to fruition. Hey, after all, GameSpew started in exactly the same way.

Give the trailer a watch below. We dig the game’s atmosphere and style, and if you’re a fan of first-person shooters with more substance than simply putting bullets in things, this will be one to watch.

Industria is coming to PC via Steam, Epic and GOG on 30th September, and it’ll cost you £16.99/$19.99.