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Jars is Tower Defence by Way of Tim Burton and it’s Arriving Next Month

Jars asks “What would happen if the terrible things you keep in jars suddenly decided to escape?”

Thankfully, those pickled onions show no sign of making a break for it, so we figure we’re safe for now. Jars’ protagonist, however, has some more aggressive jar-dwellers to deal with. Aided by some more friendly beasties, he has to smash open each level’s jars, using those carefully placed allies to deal with whatever emerges.

Why? Because he doesn’t know to stay out of the cellar apparently, but if it wasn’t for this youthful stup.. er, curiosity, there’d be no game. The art style evokes the likes of Tim Burton and Roman Dirge’s Lenore, which should help lend Jars an appropriately creepy atmosphere.

Puzzle elements will also come into play and there’s a random element to each level, so you have to prepared for anything to crawl out of those ruined containers. The pleasingly gloomy trailer shows off rats and a handful of other beasties but we’re hoping Jars is holding something appropriately brain-warping for its final few levels.

The good news is, you won’t have to long wait to crack open Jars. It’s set for a Nintendo Switch and PC release this October 20th, but you’ll be able to demo it as part of Steam Next Fest which runs from 1st – 7th October. In the meantime, you can wishlist it here on Steam.

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