Life is Strange: True Colors and Until Dawn Have a Serious Difference of Opinion

Life is Strange: True Colors

Remember Until Dawn? One YouTuber certainly does and has spliced it into Life is Strange: True Colors.

What’s the point of that? We’ll tell you, but we’re going to be spoiling Life is Strange: True Colors and Until Dawn for you, so this is your last point to push yourself away from the desk and flee in fear of having a key plot event revealed.

Because this is something that bothers me a little, even though we gave Life is Strange: True Colours a massive 10 out of 10. Ready? There’s a point in True Colors where Alex Chen, its magical mood-reading protagonist, falls down a mineshaft. Well, we say “falls”, but here’s what actually happens:

  • She gets shot.
  • She falls backwards, smashing through a set of planks.
  • Still falling, she smashes through what looks to be a much heavier mine prop style piece of wood.
  • Having fallen around forty feet, she lands on a plank, bleeding from her head.
  • The plank then gives way and she falls again. How far does she fall? It’s hard to say but mine shafts can be hundreds of feet deep.
  • She slams into the bottom of the mineshaft.

And after all that, she gets up and walks away. Granted, killing her off would end True Colors prematurely, but the Washington sisters in Until Dawn’s prologue chapter suffer a different fate, as this mash-up reveals.

One of the sisters does survive with a traumatic injury but there’s no way she’s walking out of their and she does resort to.. well, we won’t spoil that bit for you. Maybe Alex’s superpowers extend to near-invulnerability, but she’s survived a fall that could easily, easily be fatal.

We’d love to see a medical professional’s take on Alex’s tumble, just what her chances of survival would be. Maybe, after delivering some much-needed justice to her new home town, she spent weeks recuperating in hospital, but the fact she was able to walk out of that mineshaft requires more suspension of belief than Alex’s abilities.

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