Life is Strange: True Colors – Where to Find Riley in Chapter 2

Life is Strange: True Colors

Struggling to find where Riley is in chapter two of Life is Strange? We were too. Here’s where you’ll find her.

In chapter two, Alex – and the whole town of Haven Springs – is coming terms with the loss of Gabe. Alex has an inkling that perhaps his death wasn’t accidental, and Mac, a rather shifty-looking member of the town, seems to know more than he’s letting on. And so, after an encounter with Mac, Alex decides to speak with Riley. After all, she’s Mac’s ex-girlfriend. She’s bound to know something. But where is she?

At this point in chapter two, your only objective is “speak with Riley”. But where is she? She’s often in the flower shop, but you won’t find her in there. We spent a good 30 minutes wandering around every nook and cranny in town before we finally spotted her. She’s actually sat on a bench in an alleyway.


Look for The Silver Dragon. On its side wall, you’ll find a huge, colourful mural painted there. Right there, you’ll find an alleyway. Some way down is a bench, and right there you’ll find Riley. Talk to her, and you’ll be able to proceed with the chapter.

That’s it – it’s so easy when you know where to find her!

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