Life is Strange: True Colors – Where to Find the Bard’s Hat and Feather in Chapter 3

Life is Strange: True Colors

Alex the Bard needs a hat and feather. But where will they be?

In chapter three of Life is Strange: True Colors, things take a rather peculiar turn. You see, Haven Springs is hosting a town-wide LARP (that’s Live Action Role-Playing), and Alex is a key part. She’s playing a Bard, who will accompany Ethan’s character – the star, of course – on an adventure to slay beasts and save the town. But before she can join in, she needs to find her Bard’s hat, and a feather to go in it.

Both of the items are somewhere in Alex’s apartment, so you shouldn’t have to look far. But in case you’re struggling, we’re here to help. Here’s where to find the Bard’s Hat in chapter 3 of Life is Strange: True Colors.


At the side of Alex’s sofa, you’ll find a large trunk. Look in there – you’ll spot the hat right away. It’s worth investigating some of the other items in there, too, as you’ll get some extra dialogue and flavour narrative. Once Alex has the hat, she’ll then prompt that she needs a feather to go in it. And where’s the feather?

This one is slightly harder to spot; we only found this one by accident as we walked too close to it. Examine near the TV unit; Alex should prompt to pick up a feather that’s somehow ended up underneath it. That’s it – once she’s found it, she’ll pop it in her Bard’s hat and she’s ready to go LARPing. Have fun! This is one of the sweetest parts of Life is Strange: True Colors; you’re in for a good time.

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