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Neverboard is a VR Board Game App Coming to the Oculus Quest Later This Year

Fancy playing a board or card game without exposing yourself to the current health crisis? VR board game app Neverboard could be just the thing.

That’s not to say Coronavirus is the only reason to play Neverboard, which is landing on the Oculus Quest later this year. But, after having dabbled with Tabletop Simulator, which also supports VR, we’re intrigued by the this Quest title’s premise.

What makes Neverboard interesting, apart from its title being a terrible, terrible, pun, is that it’s a slightly lighter and sillier take on remote board gaming than Tabletop Simulator. It comes with Crazy 8s, a card game, as standard, (with additional card and board games available to purchase later) but also features board game night trappings such as pizza, virtual of course.

Even better, developers Evernever Games will let Neverboard players (it supports between 2 and 4) pelt each other with tomatoes which, in theory, should diffuse arguments. In practice, though, we’re hoping there’s a limit to how many you can fling otherwise there’s going to be some very red faces.

Neverboard doesn’t have a definite release date but it’ll be arriving on Oculus Quest (and will also be playable on Quest 2) this fall. You can wishlist it on the Oculus store right now.

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