Post-Apocalyptic Survival Sim Sheltered 2 is Out Now

Sheltered 2

Post-apocalyptic survival sim Sheltered has a sequel, Sheltered 2, and it’s out on Steam right now.

You remember Sheltered, right? No? We don’t blame you, it was always in danger of being overshadowed by Fallout Shelter. But, compared to Bethesda’s freebie game, it was a much, much more harrowing exploration of post-nuclear survival. We reviewed it back in 2016, discovering that it was so much more than a poor man’s This War of Mine.

It helped that you weren’t just populating your sheltered with random unconnected strangers, you were put in charge of a family who’d survived the apocalypse. Sheltered wasn’t big on dialogue but you still felt like a monster when one of the family members expired in the grimy underground bunker, even if you’d done your best to keep them alive.

Now Sheltered 2 is dialling up the misery; even the trailer warns you that people will die. A lot. The sequel has made a few changes to the original’s formula, swapping sprite-based graphics for 3D ones, though we’re happy to see the below ground 2D perspective remains.

The one reservation we do have, one we first raised when we learnt of its September release date, is that Sheltered 2 seems to be putting more emphasis on factions than families; we’re hoping it still manages to make your characters matter. Will it still matter as much when Random Guy #14 expires on a mission to raid a nearby aboveground ruin?

If you want to find out, you can pick Sheltered 2 up on PC (via Steam) and GeForce Now. Given that the original Sheltered landed on consoles we wouldn’t be surprised if this sequel eventually follows suit.